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The comment policy here follows a general theme: be nice. If you want to add to the discussion, do so in a calm manner and without resorting to calling other people names or other juvenile theatrics.  In general, if you are being a jerk, expect your comment to be deleted.

Other reasons your comment is likely to not get through include (new items added as they I see fit):

  • You tried to comment anonymously.  I don’t so much care if you use your real name, but you need something to differentiate your comments from others.  If you feel the need to comment purely anonymously, your comment probably isn’t terribly insightful. If, on the other hand, you choose to use your real name, your comment is much more likely to be approved.
  • 2 mny abr.
  • It doesn’t add anything of value to the topic
  • This my living room, not your living room. You comment as a guest, so please act like a guest I’d like to invite over again. If you think I’m a jerk, do a better job at that than I do. There’s an invisible line that moves with my mood. Try not to cross it. [Original at Popehat]
  • It is Monday.  No one likes Monday.


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